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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

the media’s in a tizz about Thatcher song

Why Radio 1′s decision is the right one and why this is a storm in a BBC tea cup

Whatever you think of Margaret Thatcher’s legacy, none can deny it’s a divisive one as this inventive blog post from blogger Diamond Geezer wittily demonstrates.

The availability of a wealth of music tracks on iTunes and other music services means that Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead, a short track from the Wizard of Oz, has been purchased by more than a few people.

How many people? I asked
discount ray bans UK chart guru James Masterton how many songs it needs to be number one. In 2012, excluding the last two weeks of the year, he tells me the number one song sold, on average, 89,910 copies. It might not, of course, be number one: but it’s been in the top five for much of this week.

So, now that the song’s in the charts, the media’s in a tizz about whether it should be played in an entirely fabricated media storm.

First: the song’s already been played, of course at least, clips of it. Capital Birmingham played clips of it in the breakfast show on Tuesday, the day after Thatcher’s death, with Capital Manchester’s breakfast show, BBC Radio Newcastle and BBC Radio 1 all playing
replica ray ban sunglasses clips on the Wednesday, and BBC World Service following up early on Thursday morning.

Second: the main media furore is about the BBC Radio 1 chart show. Yet, this show has 1.3m listeners; the commercial radio equivalent The Big Top 40 has a million more listeners (2.3m). Yet, nobody is questioning Global Radio, who run that chart show: in spite of it being much more relevant to many more people.

So, it’s mostly another media furore about the BBC, their joint sworn enemy. The last media storm managed to unseat a Director General, after all; and they’re even deliberately
cheap ray bans misleading readers in order to make a cheap shot about Huw Edwards’s tie, as I uncovered the other day.

The BBC are on a no win path here. By playing it in full, they risk upsetting Thatcher fans and accusations of being run by ‘lefties’. By not playing it at all, they risk accusations of government censorship and impartiality.

So it’s nice to see a sensible, rational decision by Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper. The song isn’t banned; nor will it be played in full: I’ve therefore decided exceptionally that we should treat the rise of the song, based as it is on a political campaign to denigrate Lady Thatcher’s memory, as a news story. So we will play a brief excerpt of it in a short news report during the show which explains to our audience why a 70 year old song is at the top of the charts.

Ben Cooper’s relatively new in the job: as is the new BBC Director General, Tony Hall. Hall has done the right thing by deferring the decision to Cooper: showing good leadership sense and faith in the Radio 1 management. In short, it’s a thoughtful decision, correctly handled. This shows great promise for the new management at the top of the BBC.

E mail James Cridland Visit James Cridland’s website Last updated April 15, 2013

18 commentsPage: 1 2 next Richard Horsman posted on Friday 12th April 2013 at 20:06

Absolutely agree Ben Cooper is caught between a rock and a hard place. Whatever he opts to do, he face protest.

Also agree absolutely that Tony Hall has done the right
cheap ray bans thing delegating the decision to station and service management.

But Ben claim that playing a few seconds of the track (probably excluding the title hook, according to his interview with Eddie Mair) will protestors the oxygen of publicity shows shocking naivety of how news works.

It a classic BBC fudge reminicent of a seventies furore over a Radio Times publicity picture for the Derek Jacobi dramatisation of Claudius

The picture showed, in the background, a topless female slave. The decision to publish or not was referred up and up until (eventually) it said a Governors committee had to rule on it. Their pronouncement? young lady may have one breast exposed, but certainly not both

I don know if the story is true or apocryphal but it survived because it illustrates perfectly a particular BBC way of thinking.

Cooper could and should make a rational case for banning the song on the grounds of taste and decency OR broadcast and be damned on the grounds that these are the tunes the punters bought this week . and the 1939 lyrics in themselves are innane, but inoffensive.

Either course of action would be more honest than playing it a short extract, without the bits and then getting a Newsbeat reporter to deliver a history lesson. The Beeb should grow a pair, make a decision and then be prepared to defend it.Articles Connexes:


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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

Americans Believe Global Warming is Real

(SAN FRANCISCO) Most Americans believe global warming is real but a moderate and distant risk.

While they strongly support policies like investing in renewable energy, higher fuel economy standards and international treaties, they strongly oppose carbon taxes on energy sources that put carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

These results were reported by Anthony Leiserowitz, a courtesy professor of environmental studies at the University of Oregon, in a
cheap ray ban outlet talk during the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Francisco.

His conclusions, are based on a national survey conducted in 2003 are detailed in a new book, “Creating a Climate for Change: Communicating Climate Change Facilitating Social Change.”

The study by Leiserowitz, also a scientist at Decision Research, a non profit research institute in Eugene, Ore., looked at the risk perceptions, policy views and behavior of Americans in regards to global warming.

Although the data demonstrating climate change have grown stronger in recent years, Americans rank global warming as a low priority compared to other national issues such as the Iraq war, the economy, health care and education, and environmental issues such as air and water pollution, Leiserowitz said.

Using affective image analysis, Leiserowitz also asked Americans what thoughts or images came to mind when thinking about global warming.

Sixty one percent of their associations fell into just four categories: melting ice in the Arctic; warmer temperatures; impacts on non human nature; and polar ozone holes.

“These responses help us understand the connotative meaning of global warming and why Americans react the way they do,” Leiserowitz said. “These associations are to geographically or psychologically distant impacts, generic warming trends, or a completely different environmental problem. Thus it’s
discount ray bans not too surprising that global warming remains a relatively low priority.

“One of the most important things that we found is what we didn’t find,” he added. “We found no references, no
replica ray ban sunglasses associations, of the impacts of climate change on either human health or extreme weather events. Yet these are, arguably, among the most important potential impacts, because, ultimately, the consequences are going hurt people.”

The survey, detailed in Chapter 2 of the book, also identified two particular groups, or “interpretive communities,” of Americans at the extremes of global warming beliefs:

Alarmists, who have apocalyptic visions, envision “death of the planet” or post nuclear war like scenarios. “These visions are well beyond the most extreme scientific scenarios,” Leiserowitz said. Alarmists, he found, are slightly more likely to be liberal and to hold strong egalitarian values.

Naysayers, who deny, discount or disbelieve the reality of climate change. “These people claim that there is no scientific evidence, blame global warming on media hype, or even hold dark conspiracy theories, such as scientists making up data to protect their job security,” he said. “Naysayers are much more likely to be white, male, conservative, Republican, very religious, hold strongly individualistic or hierarchist values and to get their news and information from radio talk shows.”

The majority of Americans are in between these two extremes, he added, but are more closely aligned with the alarmists than the naysayers.

In his talk, Leiserowitz also described several strategies for communicators as they tell the global warming story: Highlight local impacts; illustrate how climate change is impacting people and places already, such as in Alaska; describe the potential impacts on human health; talk honestly about remaining uncertainties; and tailor both the messages and the messengers so they resonate with the values held by particular audiences.

The book, he said, is the outgrowth of a conference held in 2004 by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in which participants including cognitive psychologists, experts in risk perception, sociologists, anthropologists, climate scientists and historians discussed how scientists and others might communicate climate change more effectively.

Leiserowitz will become a research scientist and director of strategic initiatives in the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies as of March 1st.

Oregon Legislature Votes to Ban the Box on Job Applications

Few Fast Facts about Playing Live Blackjack

Senate Passes Reforms to NSA Programs, Including End Secret Law Legislation

Walery’s Pizza Shows Local Support Fundraising for NWHSInternal are Closed on this story. Have a glass of pure water while you can! We need to act together on this and even if it’s a natural occuring cycle this is now and there does seem to be a way to stave it off by logical choice, or we may have no choice if it moves faster than anticipated, over.

Anna March 1, 2007 5:37 pm (Pacific time)

In response to Justin’s comments: You cannot call Global Warming a scientific fact. The Earth’s atmosphere is an open system and so you can’t test all of the variables. What I mean is it is impossible to know the amounts of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere for sure. We can make estimations but that is about it. Unless something
fake ray bans can be proven with the scientific method, it cannot be called scientific fact. This doesn’t mean that Global Warming isn’t a possibility, but you certainly can’t use scientific facts to back it up.Articles Connexes:


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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

Channel 6

Now there not a lot of people know that!Add your
discount ray bans comment in secondsUse a social media account you already have to log in. More infoLogin with: LinkedIn Media
discount ray bans UKIf you’re not on social media, register for a limited use Media UK account.By logging in, you are consenting to a cookie that
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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

Dirty war trial brings out spooks

Every morning this week, the gleaming halls of Spain’s Supreme Court were thronged with the sort of people who like to wear very dark glasses indoors. The white marble columns were dazzling in the brilliant sunlight, which had brought a belated summer to Madrid, but the fashion for shades at the Dirty War trial had little to do with eye strain. One of the defendants went further, and, like Martin Cahill, entered the building in a motorcycle helmet to cheat the battery of cameras outside.

This man was not a normal criminal, however. Like most of his co defendants, Michel Dominguez is a former cop. A bizarre assortment of anti terrorist commanders, spooks, self confessed state terrorists, convicted frauds, top politicians and ETA sympathisers congregated in the court’s spacious corridors at every session.

Many of the principal players in this drama are not used to coming out in daylight hours at all. These are people who like to ask the questions, in darkened rooms with the light focused on the suspect.

Now they are being asked for answers, in the full glare of national and international publicity. The court’s questions put an unprecedented focus on what the former prime minister, Felipe Gonzalez, a future witness
fake ray bans at the trial, once colourfully called “the sewers of the State”.

It’s no wonder the defendants and their associates spend a fortune on Ray Bans. The politicians, of course, are used to the exposure, but few of them would have chosen this particular forum.

A former Interior Minister, Jose Barrionuevo, and his deputy, Rafael Vera, face charges of kidnapping, membership of an armed gang, and misuse
discount ray bans of public funds. They are looking at 23 years in jail.

Nine of their subordinates, including the elite of the 1980s anti terrorist high command, have pleaded guilty. Several of them allege they were acting under the personal instructions of Barrionuevo. So does Ricardo Damborenea, who revelled in the nicknames “Dambo” or “the sheriff of the Basque Country” for his gung ho, anti terrorist rhetoric in the 1980s.

Damborenea was the Socialist Party boss in Bilbao when ETA’s terrorist campaign in pursuit of an independent Basque country was at its most ferocious. It was an open secret that he believed the democratic state should fight that terrorism “with its own weapons”.

Last Tuesday, in the best traditions of ham courtroom drama, Barrionuevo lost his self control and angrily denounced Damborenea for playing “an informer’s role” in unveiling the state’s involvement in setting up anti ETA death squads. That unfortunate or revealing phrase is likely to haunt the former minister.

In October, 1983, according to Damborenea’s account, he advised the security chief in Bilbao on the kidnapping of Segundo Marey, a French resident mistaken for an ETA leader. This kidnapping, which is the subject of the current trial, was the first act ion acknowledged by the Grupos Anti terroristas de Liberacion, otherwise known as GAL.

This organisation went on to kill 27 people, nine of them innocent of any terrorist links. Barrionuevo conceded in court that French collaboration had, indeed, improved remarkably by the time of the last major GAL attack, in 1986.

Damborenea is a tall, angular figure with a wry, crumpled face. He strides firmly up and down the corridors, chain smoking, more often alone than the other defendants. In the course of a 10 minute recess, he passes within inches of Barrionuevo’s and Vera’s entourage several times.

Around the next corner he will find Kepa Landa, a prosecution lawyer with a neat, meticulous manner and intense but distant eyes. Landa is also a leading member of Herri Batasuna, ETA’s political wing.

Avoiding eye contact without colliding with the enemy is a useful skill during around any court case. In these shining hallways it is honed to a high art.

He claims that not only Barrionuevo, but also Felipe Gonzalez, approved the GAL strategy. In 1995, he handed over voluntarily a document, which he claims was an agreed military intelligence blueprint for dirty war operations, to the investigating magistrate.

This 1983 document argues that “kidnapping and disappearances” are “preferable” to the straightforward “elimination” of terrorists. Assassinations may actually strengthen the resolve of the enemy, the analysis says, but disappearances create anxiety and can produce information.

Several months later, the GAL campaign opened with at least three kidnappings. The other two victims were not as “lucky” as Marey. Their bones, bearing signs of torture, were found buried in quicklime in Alicante in 1985, though they would not be identified for another 10 years.

Damborenea’s production of this document led to the most extravagant of many outlandish episodes in the investigation of the GAL, which now has repercussions far beyond the domain of the Basque conflict.

This week, the European newspaper published an article which argued that, if Barrionuevo is convicted, Gonzalez might be as big an embarrassment as a future EU Commission President as Kurt Waldheim was at the UN.

A military intelligence operations chief, Col Alberto Perote, turned out to have illegally removed hundreds of classified documents from his office. A number of these, including Damborenea’s document, which appear to implicate the army, and possibly Gonzalez himself, in GAL, were systematically leaked.

They were published by El Mundo, a newspaper deeply hostile to the Socialist government. Perote seems to have been financed by Mario Conde, a disgraced banker who blames Gonzalez for his troubles. This saga gives some substance to Barrionuevo’s claim that the case against him has been politically manipulated, though such manipulation hardly invalidates the evidence.

In a final grotesque twist, a video showing the El Mundo’s editor, Pedro J. Ramirez, engaged in transvestite and other sex games with his mistress, suddenly turned up all over Spain last November. Socialist leaders, including Gonzalez, could hardly contain their glee. The video has been linked, in a separate court case, to associates of Rafael Vera.

The dirty war keeps churning up new kinds of filth, 12 years after it ended. Perote, now serving a jail sentence for withdrawing the documents, came to the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

ON the witness stand, he attempted to walk a tightrope between
discount ray bans denying any direct involvement by military intelligence in the GAL, and asserting that they were well aware of its activities. This information, he insists, was transmitted directly to Gonalez. The colonel’s former commanding officer, a general, rejected this allegation on Wednesday. Perote, who wore no sunglasses and has the baleful eyes of a man who has seen everything, watched him from the press box, utterly impassive.

Barrionuevo has attempted to argue the Socialists are not only innocent as charged, but also actually pursued and dismantled the GAL in 1986. Asked if his unit had been ordered to investigate the GAL, Perote replied laconically: “On the contrary.” Yet he often had as many as 40 agents operating on French territory, in the very towns where the GAL were most active.

As in most court cases, the general atmosphere is often lighter than you might expect, sometimes weirdly so. Some of the former sewer dwellers have come to love the limelight with all the passion of Hollywood wannabes.

Jose Amedo was the first police officer to be convicted for GAL crimes, in 1991. In 1994, he helped initiate the present case by turning state’s evidence. When I interviewed him last year, he told me he enjoyed his national profile “stupendously well”. Going into court on Monday, he grabbed my arm and wished me “an enjoyable time in there”.

It was hardly the right word, but there was certainly an element of theatrical entertainment involved in
discount ray bans the hearings. That was as long as you could forget the TV images of Segundo Marey from 1983, too terrified to take off his own blindfold. He had just spent 10 days at the pleasure of Amedo, his bosses, and, if the court so proves, their bosses as well.Articles Connexes:


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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

Do Your Dreams Have a
replica Michael Kors handbags Hidden Meaning

Dreams come from your subconscious mind as a means of processing and sorting information. But the truth is no one really knows what causes dreams and why some folk seem to have vivid colorful dreams and others have short uneventful ones.

Dreams mainly occur during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. REM occurs every one and a half hours during the sleep cycle. During REM the eyes move from side to side and the body is relaxed and almost incapable of movement.

Have you ever told people,
discount Michael Kors “I never dream”? Well you’re wrong. The fact is everybody dreams every night. You just may not be able to remember your dreams.

Don’t worry too much if this is the case. Not remembering dreams doesn’t mean you’re abnormal or unnatural in any way. While most people do remember their dreams, the memory is fleeting and occurs mainly when the
Michael Kors outlet sleeper first awakens.

If you really want to be able to remember your dreams, the best way is to ‘remind yourself’ before falling asleep. This programs the subconscious mind the source of your dreams to hold on to the memory.

When you wake
Cheap Michael Kors handbags up, try and hold the dream in your mind until you have a chance to record it. The easiest way to do this is to have a notebook and pen or a personal voice recorder beside your bed, so you can write down the dream before it disappears and gets ‘buried’ by
Michael Kors handbags outlet the normal thoughts and concerns of everyday life.

With a bit of practice you’ll find little snippets of your dreams beginning to reveal themselves. This procedure will also work well for those who remember occasional dreams or those who want to remember every dream they have.

Books on dream interpretation abound and many people believe that dreams create a window into the subconscious mind where they can find answers to their most pressing problems and even see into the future.

This can be a dangerous practice. At best you
Michael Kors handbag outlet can waste a lot of money buying books which lean towards the esoteric and lack knowledge in this area. Even sleep specialists know a large part of interpreting dreams is pure speculation.

At worst dream interpretation can be taken too seriously and people can depend too heavily on finding the (sometimes false) meaning of their dreams. This can lead to depression and even paranoia. It’s best to treat dream interpretation as a bit of fun and realize that there may be many different ways to analyze dreams and their meaning.

If you are having recurring dreams or nightmares, it’s best to contact a therapist experienced in this area. Don’t go down the mystical route of trying to analyze yourself by means of a book.

Nightmares can be caused by stress, so work on ways to relieve this and the nightmares should ease or may even disappear
Michael Kors handbags
cheap Michael Kors by themselves.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

Horses seized from Knox County horse farm

Michael Kors handbags
Cheap Michael Kors handbags Smith, 58, and Linda Cowell, 59, were arrested on a violation of probation, according to the Knox County Sheriff Office. Both previously pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges in January and were given
cheap Michael Kors probation, subject
fake Michael Kors to random inspections by county animal control officers to ensure all of their
Michael Kors outlet remaining horses were kept in good condition.KCSO Animal Control returned to Vista Farms on Wednesday, accompanied by
cheap Michael Kors handbags a veterinarian. They removed six horses, which were taken to the University of Tennessee animal hospital for treatment.The initial charges against the couple stemmed
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet from February and March 2012, when KCSO Animal Control seized 25 horses from the farm at 2837 Voltz Lane, following complaints from neighbors. The couple relinquished ownership of those animals to Horse Haven, which eventually adopted all of the horses out to new owners.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

outrage and resentment growing over two

Handout photo courtesy Jeff Lewandoski shows a number of elk which he and others farmers say are causing major problems near Jenner and Suffield, Alta, about 300 km east of Calgary, Alta.

In the late 1990′s the Canadian military brought in 220 elk, promising rachers the herd would top off at 800. Today, the herd as grown to between 5,000 6,000.

The military assumed elk would be a better fit for the ecosystem rather than the wild horses which used to populte the land.
discount Michael Kors Jeff Lewandoski/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency

First the farce now the fury.

In what will surely go down as one of the worst examples of wildlife management since the slaughter of the bison, Alberta is dealing with an ever increasing backlash over an elk hunt underway on CFB Suffield.

The anger stems from antlers, or the lack of them.

More than 17,000 would be hunters applied to reduce an out of control herd of 7,000 elk on the Canadian Forces Base, but the 500 tags are only valid for antlerless elk not the desirable bulls sporting impressive trophy racks.

Unless you a First Nations hunter that is, in which case, have at a sealed military base rumoured to contain bulls that would make a seasoned trophy hunter weep with joy, Native hunters are allowed to do what the other 500 are not, by shooting male elk, without apparent limit.

It two tiered hunting, pure and simple, and the ban on bulls for non aboriginals has predictably riled up the entire Alberta hunting community.

in the Canadian constitution, that aboriginals have a Constitutional right
Michael Kors handbags to hunt and
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet fish for food, explains Duncan MacDonnell of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

Within certain limits, it means the usual restrictions don apply to Natives, so long as they use the kill for food.

It a question of why the non Natives weren allowed the same opportunity at Suffield, in a province where hunters can wait a decade or more for permission to take a trophy elk.

Again, MacDonnell says what the Natives do is out the province hands they were apparently invited to take part in the hunt by the military and Alberta SRD department is just following the best advice of biologists on how to handle a herd that was never meant to get so large.

our biology guys, who are just concerned with getting the size of the herd down, and they say get the females first but there no such provision for the First Nations, because they don need tags, said MacDonnell, adding a total of 1,160 tags will be issued in 2015.

Predictably, the growing resentment towards Natives at Suffield has resulted in angry rumours tinged with racism, including that some bull killers have driven off with truckloads of antlers and left the meat behind.

elk were killed and the meat was left in the field to waste, wrote one anonymous hunter, in a
Cheap Michael Kors handbags letter to the Sun. is not substance hunting which is granted to the Natives. MacDonnell says close investigation by provincial officers has found nothing of the sort and in St. Albert, at least some of the elk meat taken by First Nation hunters was donated to local food banks, to feed low income residents.

So much for that rumour but it doesn answer the concern of objective hunters like Harvey Dunand, who says the province and military should have
fake Michael kors handbags outlet worked together, to ensure all hunters were given equal opportunity.

wants to shoot a big trophy, said Dunand,
cheap michael kors who alerted Alberta Environment to the growing controversy.

But that the irony: Had the province and military actually worked together, there
replica Michael Kors outlet would be no need for this hunt at all.

Introduced in 1996 as an ecosystem managing alternative to destructive wild horses, the elk were supposed to be maintained at 800 head, through careful management and occasional culls.

But the military failed to follow the advice of Alberta Environment, and rather than opening the base every so often for hunters to do what predators would in the wild, they let the problem grow and grow.

A Sun source close to the elk project says it was a matter of successive base commanders serving their two year term, and then moving on, if they could ride out the storm for 24 months, they wouldn have to deal with it. 20 years later, the herd is at 7,000 head, and a major headache for area ranchers, as the elk smash fences and destroy private property.

Hence, the need to kill them off by the hundreds, in what many have deemed a dangerous, chaotic cull, rather than a true hunt.

The failure to cooperate led to this ungulate disaster and now, as the military and province desperately work to artificially manage an artificial herd, the same lack of co operation has only added fury to the fray.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

Mark O’Connor’s biggest present may be championing American music

If there’s one term that Mark O’Connor fully embraces, it’s “American music.” Throughout his life, multi instrumentalist O’Connor has insisted on the value of American music in all its forms. He’s currently
fake Michael Kors on tour with his “Appalachian Christmas” program, which takes his popular album of the same name to the stage. The 2011 album features performances with a variety of artists and includes several musical styles.

O’Connor says the diversity on the album made it a challenge to present it on stage.

“I hoped the selection of musicians would work, and it absolutely did,” says O’Connor, taking a break at lunch in Georgia. “This is our third year together. The Christmas show is anchored by two female voices, Carrie Rodriguez and Cia Cherryholmes. Then my son, Forrest O’Connor, is singing the lead vocals that James Taylor and Steve Wariner recorded on my album.”

The show also features National Flatpick Guitar champion Joe Smart and O’Connor’s wife, Maggie O’Connor, who also plays fiddle.

“We’re playing some triple and sometimes quadruple fiddle pieces,” says O’Connor.

O’Connor, 53, grew up in Seattle and began studying classical guitar at age 6. His interests, though, were never static. He started learning flamenco guitar at 11, then fiddle as well. He says it was at that point that he truly fell in love with music.

“I felt like, ‘Who would not fall in love with this beautiful music?’ Hoedowns, blues, I was playing blues tunes when I was 11, and ragtime, spirituals and folk songs. We’ve got some of the greatest folk songs
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet in the world. It’s just an incredible wealth of materials and for some sad reason we’ve grown up in a violin environment that if it’s not Bach it can’t be great for some reason.”

O’Connor’s fiddle teacher was Benny Thomasson, one of the greats of Texas style fiddling. O’Connor embraced the style as well as bluegrass, jazz and
Michael Kors discounts any other genre that crossed his path. He became an all around musical prodigy winning national championships on guitar, mandolin and fiddle. He began recording albums at age 12 and soon had some of the emerging and established giants of acoustic music anxious to perform beside him.

Living in a poor area of Seattle with his sister, an alcoholic father and a terminally ill mother, O’Connor’s early life was not easy. While he was a star in the acoustic music scene, he was a nobody in school. After graduating high school, O’Connor immediately joined the David Grisman Quintet, replacing Tony Rice on guitar. During that time, he got to tour with and learn from jazz violin legend Stephane Grappelli. O’Connor later joined the Dixie Dregs and became one of the hottest session players in Nashville, mostly as a fiddler. It was during that time that O’Connor began to wow the world. Along the way he’d had to battle musical prejudices sometimes even with musicians within his own circle. Those were nothing, though, compared to when he began performing and composing classical music.

“I think at first I had the notion that I’m just a country bumpkin from Nashville and the know it alls were much superior musically and that’s gonna be a tough wall to climb up,” says O’Connor. “But then I got into it and realized, ‘Hey, you don’t know how to improvise. You don’t know how to write music. Who has the upper hand here, artistically and musically, as far as capacity?’ That was the issue with jazz for a while, because a lot of classical musicians were nervous about people like Charlie Parker and people like that. They had a serious musical and artistic voice that had to be reckoned with.”

O’Connor currently seems to be at war with the Suzuki Method of violin
Michael Kors outlet teaching. In recent interviews and blogs, he’s accused the
Michael Kors discounts method’s late founder, Shinichi Suzuki, of fabricating parts of his biography. The ongoing controversy was reported in the New York Times on Dec. 7.

Talking with O’Connor, it seems as much a total difference in philosophy as much as an attack on Suzuki’s life story. O’Connor conducts his own violin camps and has his own teaching method, which is gaining popularity. He calls the Suzuki method “a monopoly” and, if part of the monopoly’s hold is the mythology of a personality, that it should be “analyzed.”

“I don’t think one approach or a monopoly on music education is the American way. There should be a variety of choices given. When a child and their parent show up at a music
Michael Kors outlet school and want to take violin and the person who opens the door says, ‘Well, we teach violin one way here,’ I don’t think that’s a fair approach to music education.”

Two of the biggest differences between O’Connor’s approach and the Suzuki approach is that O’Connor emphasizes a cornucopia of American music styles and invites improvisation and composing, rather than simply learning the classical standards as they were written.

“I think the
Michael Kors handbags 21st century string player will want to improvise and compose,” says O’Connor. “My viewpoint comes from a place of experience. I’m not just operating from the perspective of a professional fiddler. It’s not a vacuum. It dawned on me, ‘Why is improvisation so hard for a violinist when it seems so easy for practically every other instrument?’ Then you kind of look through the history book and you read that Mozart was a great improvisor and Bach was a great improvisor and Beethoven was a great improvisor. What happened?”

He says rather than work from Baroque music, he wants American styles celebrated and taught.

“I love Bach and I include Bach in my method, but there are other great systems that are equally as valid . especially for kids. . For children and beginners, I would argue that American hoedowns and blues and ragtime and rock ‘n’ roll and boogie woogie and spirituals are really inspiring musical genres that can really get kids practicing.

“I want to see American fiddle styles taught at Juilliard one day. . Music is about bringing new things in.
Michael Kors handbags If we’d always said, ‘We don’t want anything more progressive than, say, Mozart, we wouldn’t have Beethoven!’ “Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

Canucks sure could use former Giant Cody Franson

Cody Franson, left, and Nashville Predators teammate Victor Bartley give Chicago Marian Hossa a rough ride along the boards in the first round of the playoffs.

He is not only worth the blue line surgery which would need to be performed to get him to Vancouver, he’d be worth the money.

Not everyone will agree. On Franson, opinions vary wildly. Some will point to his disappointing turn in Nashville after the trade from Toronto this year. Some don’t think he’s a top pairing, $5 million a year player, which
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But smart people see a defenceman still in his prime, who put up big
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They see a blue liner who has been remarkably consistent in making his pairing partners better.

Great offensively, he has proven to be a positive possession player and done it against some of the league’s toughest matchups over a long period of time.

He did that even in Nashville, where he had just four points in 23 games. He averaged just 15:25 a game in ice time with the
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Still, he was one of their better possession players during his run.

When it was over, Preds GM David Poile said Franson wasn’t a perfect fit. Though, this was the team which got themselves a power play difference maker and then was reluctant to use him on the power
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Go figure.

All of this could be good news for the Franson suitors if it scares off the ridiculous offers, because he is a legit top four defenceman with offensive punch.

He does have the ability, in the right
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It would not be easy for Vancouver to pull this off. The Canucks would have to deal Dan Hamhuis, or more likely Kevin Bieksa, to get the cap room.

That’s not such a bad idea considering both are on expiring contracts. If the team feels Eddie Lack has to be either re signed or traded, why wouldn’t the same logic apply to Bieksa and Hamhuis, who are in similar contractual situations where the team risks losing assets for nothing?

It would probably require one more move to make room
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If Franson is signed for anything around $5 million per year, he will give his team something free agents hardly ever give their teams in early July value.

You pay for points and Franson can deliver. He would also buy the Canucks time to try and remedy a looming crisis on their back end.

Having used just one first round pick on a defenceman in 17 years, it probably isn’t surprising the Canucks’ depth outside of the NHL is bleak.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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By Licda. Fanny D. Estrada

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